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Located in Humboldt County, California, The Humboldt Edge is a street paper  that honors and invites the wisdom, knowledge and creative expression of people living on the street, experiencing homelessness and/or living on the edge economically. By empowering and educating both contributors and readers, the production and distribution of this monthly paper serves to counter the marginalization, stigmatization and silencing of people in poverty. Diverse perspectives and lives that are systematically pushed to the “Edge” are brought to the center as a means of stimulating survival, dignity, dialogue, understanding, justice and action.

Created and run entirely by volunteer passion and sweat, and funded by grants, individual donations and business sponsors the Humboldt Edge is truly a community project. With original funding from a grant from Episcopal Divinity School,  Lorena Boswell piloted the first edition which was published in October 2013.  The overwhelming positive community response gave the paper momentum and brought together a group of volunteers & writers, some housed, some houseless; some who had many years of experience dealing with issues surrounding homelessness and others with no experience but the desire to help; some long-time Humboldt County residents, some newly arrived. We gratefully received a Grassroots Organizing grant from Humboldt Area Foundation, which has enabled us to have time to spread the word and start building enough of a fundraising base to keep the paper going.  So far we are grateful to always receive enough money for the next edition. With everyone’s help, we have been publishing an edition every two months.

We hope that you read the Humboldt Edge, whether online or in print, and pass it along to someone that you feel would benefit from it. If you are living on the edge, please consider submitting to the paper. If not, please encourage those you know who are living on the edge to consider submitting to the paper.  Also, please don’t hesitate to write a letter to the Editor and tell us what you think. We encourage everyone with interest, passion and time to consider becoming a part of this much needed publication.

The Humboldt Edge is a DreamMaker Project of The Ink People Center for the Arts.

To those whom much is given, much is expected  ~ John F. Kennedy

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