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Dear Humboldt


They call me Wizard Steve; I am the self proclaimed Prince of Poverty. I have embraced my poorness to the degree of ultimate freedom. My inability to secure gainful employment has allowed me to pursue my passions unabated.

During the social hiccup called the Occupation, I decided my job was to be your brother in benefit. A friend gave me some clay so I started making flutes for gifts or trade. I got good with clay, it’s free and there’s an unlimited supply, so I could experiment endlessly. I started making Rocket Stoves and now Thermal Electric Generators (TEGs) too. I am adding thermo couples to the rocket stove to produce electricity.

My spiritual path is in the sharing of the soul. In doing so, we spark growth in each other. It is my wish that all of my brothers and sisters flourish and become their fullest possible selves. Producing your own energy is a great step towards being your own universe.

I am an older gentleman with a beard, black hat, bike and backpack. I consider myself a gnome. I live in Redwood Heaven. I like to brag as you can see, but it is not about me it’s about humanity.

Your brother in benefit,

~Wizard Steve

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