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Friends of the Palco Marsh August 31, 2015 Content No Comments on Friends of the Palco Marsh
This is taken from an email message we received 
from one of our dedicated volunteers:

Friends of the ( Palco ) Marsh
Quick summary of who and what we are about.
We are the housed and unhoused coming together for a better community. Together we are working on the environmental issues along the Palco Marsh, while joining together in the need for human dignity and respect of all our community members. We are here to empower and to love our neighbors and to grow together in acceptance and understanding. To bring a safe environment to both the housed and unhoused, while working on a more long term solution(s) to their needs in housing. We work with all entities, ie local services, parks and recs, EPD and our city counsel. We respect the voices of all, our unhoused, our housed, our businesses and public and private services.

We have two major ways in which you can get involved.
1. Friday Lunches 11:00am to Noon along the north parking lot of the Bayshore Mall in Eureka.
*** if you would like to be part of this weekly event, please email me back with what you can bring and what Fridays you can be there for. If you just want to give supplies and are unable to make it for the actual lunches, I can make a pick up time with you. Here is a list of food items and extras that can be used. ( if you can let us know what you can bring by Wednesday of each week that would be wonderful, so as we can know what else will need to be covered) We feed anywhere from 25 to 50 people.

lunch meat

Extra items
antibacterial wipes
hand sanitize
baby wipes
band aids
work gloves
trash bags

2. Clean Up Evenings
***this is when the housed and unhoused work together to clean the Marsh area before the city comes on Thursday morning. This is a way for the residents to empower themselves in what is trash and not. If this is something you would like to be apart of please give me your email and or phone number and will have our clean up leader get a hold of you. This can be a very sensitive time for our residents and we need to respect that.

We also have a group meetings to check how things are going and what we can do together. We do go to many Eureka City Counsel meetings and will update important times to be there and why.

Thank you everyone for your interest and your motivation for a better community.


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