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Nina’s prophetic words

A voice of a houseless mother

By Nina Selassie Genna

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Nina Selassie Genna and her three children stand with Debra Carey.

Nina is a Rastafarian mom living in California’s Southern Humboldt County who uses heart and hand daily delivering joy and strength to all living things. She has a positive outcome behind every action and executes utmost care instilling the importance of education and respect with her two-preteen sons and preschool daughter. Bill “Without a Roof” Mash asked Nina to consider sharing her words about homelessness. We present half of that interview now.

Well, I don’t really believe in the word homeless because we are residents of earth and earth is our home. And has been our home for only the Lord knows how long.

We can try through scientific research to accumulate information and make an assessment based off of what we find through research, but knowledge always increases. Just when we think we know something there is always still something more to learn.

We have to all share this earth. This earth was all given to us, this earth is a gift. It was given to us by the almighty, Rastafari the head creator. How homelessness, or people, can be provided for shelter is by knowing how to survive in these times.

Society is painting a picture of us in our minds that we have to go through certain steps in order to achieve the so-called American dream, house, car, good school. All the things that America associated with as far as success. Possibly even superstar; whatever Hollywood.

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to succeed. Really and truthfully if we are failing for our brothers and sisters on a general level — failing to survive with integrity and with harmony in nature, and in harmony with each other — then we are failing. This place that we call home, will be in disarray in every continent. As long as there is corruption there will always be people who are basically just by the wayside.

Because, hey, if you don’t have resources here then you are really at the bottom. Resources meaning money, property, so on and so forth.Many people have advanced themselves so-called “materially” by demising other people’s culture. That in itself is injustice.

The real estate industry has been created as a monopoly game to enslave people — to bankers who basically are running the world, and who we give control as long as we are not thinking about living self-sufficiently in the land that we have all inherited by the most high.

Why have only a few people lording and dictating over it? We outnumber them. This land is for everyone to share. According to the United States Government the Bureau of Land Management is so-called managing a majority of the land that is uninhabited. This land that is uninhabited can be utilized, and should be utilized, for the benefit of the public who really owns public land and public property. These public agencies are here to serve the people and the best of interest for the people. So, we have to not be dependent on the system. Our general welfare is based off of our perception of how we think. We need to be able to be self-sufficient by
first providing for our needs as far as food, an essential part of everyone’s life.
Clothing is the next thing people are working for to put on their backs.

Shelter is the next thing that people are working for to shelter their families.

All of these things have been done before in an indigenous way of life. We find that people were more in harmony when they were in tune with nature before the land was cookie cut up and everyone started to claim it for themselves. Even the government.

We need to look at history instead of being controlled, or having ourselves subjected to lies and crimes. We need to seek the truth so that we can be directed in the right way to make the right decisions and not look for the government for all the answers.

The government of the United States is a corporation just like McDonalds, just like Burger King, just like Wal-Mart. It’s based on money. Unfortunately, the United States government wages war to create economics, because there is no money in the United States. Everything is a foreign corporation doing business in the United States.

There are no jobs, because people are not creating their own jobs. Agriculture is not the forefront. That’s why our nation, all nations, are becoming more unhealthy, because they’re losing their indigenous ways of agriculture and eating according to where they inhabit,, and also living according to what is most beneficial for ones structure. That has a lot to do to where you are coming from. Certain kinds of foods that you need to eat depending on your origin.

This is an international problem. It stops when people become awake and know that there is so much room here, there’s so much land. We need to address things as a community because there is so much that can be provided if it’s balanced, and it’s done justly. People could be allotted a certain amount of land according to how they are going to utilize it.

People should be taught in school how to grow food, how to make clothes, how to make shelter from the resources that are naturally around us. We’re out of our means — that’s why America is living on a debt system. America has no money and is bankrupt.

That means the people in America are just following this allusion that there is money, and there is no money here. There’s credit and the credit system becomes a line of caste system, if you don’t have good credit then you can’t get anything in society.

I don’t think we need to base these things on our ideas of success, how much line of credit you can have. You become indebted and you have to work to pay off that debt. If not they are coming for your house, your car — whatever you contract yourself to do.

It’s just however long you want to continue in this game, and the people who choose to come out of the game are the people you call homeless. They are the people looking for an alternative. Some are willing to stand up; some are not willing to stand-up. People who are willing to speak on the behalf of others — it’s time because people’s minds need to change. That’s how the situation is going to be relieved.

I give thanks and praise to the most high king Haile Selassie the first Rastafari. I look to our fathers in prayer for king Haile Selassie the first guidance in his selected speeches. I would enlighten anyone to research his speeches, his selected speeches. One of his most world renowned speeches is sung by Bob Marley in the song war. This is the word of our father’s imperial majesty talking to men and speaking about the earth. There will always be war as long as there’s basic rights that are not, human rights, that are not respected.

Give thanks and praise for this moment. Thank your brother for the opportunity to let me share.

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