The Humboldt Edge


The Humboldt Edge honors & invites the wisdom, knowledge & creative expression of people living on the street, experiencing homelessness &/or living on the edge economically. We are looking for the follow:

  • Articles
  • Artwork/Photography
  • Editorial/Opinion/Letter to the Editor
  • Satire/Humor/Comic
  • Poetry/Fiction/Drama
  • Reflective/Autobiographical Essay
  • Food/Book/Movie/Music Review
  • (relating to poverty/homelessness)
  • Suggested length 500-1,200 words

Submission Guidelines:

  • For those who don’t want to write, we can use a tape recorder & write for them, exactly the way they think & talk.
  • All submissions must be the author/artists’ original creation; any quotations & references must be cited.
  • We will honor wishes to remain anonymous &/or use a pseudonym in print. Names will be kept confidential on request. On your submission, please indicate 1) your full name 2) your name or pseudonym as you would like it to appear in the paper 3) whether you are currently homeless, formerly homeless, living on the edge of poverty, or have never experienced extreme financial insecurity. 4) the best way(s) to contact you.
  • Priority given based on order received & space available
  • Photos of people whenever possible should be submitted with the subject(s) written permission to print & contact information.
  • Stories should be kept to a 1250 word maximum count & Poetry, letters to 500 words.

Email Submissions to:
Submit Online, please click this button:
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Submit in person:

  • Arcata: the Annex (caddy corner from the Transit Station) – Mon-Fri 2:15pm-3pm
  • McKinleyville Family Resource Center (1450 Hiller Rd) – Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
  • Eureka: PARC (in Q St alley between 3rd & 2nd St. Firstdoor past carport. Knock or put in mailbox after 9:30am any day – (707) 442-7465)
  • The Raven Project (youth 10-21 years old, Eureka – (707) 443-7099)
  • Southern Humboldt: Debra Carey – (707) 223-3607
Editorial Policy

We recognize that everyone’s experience is their own & that there is a wide diversity of situations of homelessness & poverty. Therefore we ask that each writer speaks only for themselves. We encourage writing to be genuine. Gently invite your reader in: help them understand your point of view & imagine situations clearly. This means finding unique ways to say things by avoiding clichés, excessive profanity, assumptions & grandiose statements. Criticism should be thoughtful & measured, without demonizing people or organizations & should make clear distinctions between opinion & fact. The simpler & more concise the message the easier it will be for your reader to understand your point of view.

We focus on preserving the writer’s voice while editing for clarity, space, structure, redundancy, spelling, & accuracy of information. Grammar is edited only for understanding. We encourage writers to read your writing aloud, proofread &/or ask someone else to proofread before you submit it. The editors will attempt to consult with a writer if changes are deemed necessary. However, the paper will go to print with the story as edited if the author is unavailable. Poetry & graphics will not be edited, either the paper will publish the submission or not.