The Humboldt Edge


The Humboldt Edge is looking toward it’s Vendor Program to become the primary source of distribution of the paper. The Vendor Program aims to empower homeless and low income individuals living on the Edge by providing means to secure their basic human needs.  Through the Vendor Program we also hope to provide a path to self-sufficiency and promote self-respect  and personal worth. Here is how it will work:

  • Vendors will complete a Vendor Orientation
  • Sign a Independent Contractor Work Agreement and Vendor Code of Conduct.
  • Vendors are then given a Vendor ID Badge and 20 free papers to start.
    • After the first 20 free papers, vendors will be able to purchase the Humboldt Edge for $0.25 per paper.
  • Vendors will then distribute the papers at traditional public forums such as public sidewalks and parks for a suggested donation of $1.00.

That is $0.25 toward printing /operational costs and $0.75  plus any tips in the pocket of the Vendor .

This has shown to be a successful model in other cities to not only inform and educate the general public but also to fill a much needed void of transitional employment.

PDF: edge-independent-contractor-agreement

PDF: edge-vendor-code-of-conduct

Vendor Feedback and Incident Report Form